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First Job/No Exams/'FM Candidate'

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  • First Job/No Exams/'FM Candidate'

    I'm moving from London to Seattle at the end of December (I'm an American, returning 'home'). Whilst in London I have been studying for Exams P and FM. I sat & failed (barely ) P in May, and sat Exam FM in November. I'm very borderline on this one - I am 'confident' about 15 problems, pretty sure of 2 more - so it will *really* depend on the passmark/any disqualified questions.

    When we move back to Seattle I will be applying for my first actuarial-related job. I graduated from uni in May 04 with approx 3.0 GPA, physics major and pure math minor (ie, no stats/probability/anything useful). Since then I've been in London doing temp admin work.

    I'll be looking for anything actuarial-related, preferably somewhere with a training program to help me through more exams.

    However, I'm not sure if I should include 'Candidate for FM' or 'Sat Exam FM on 9/11/05' or something, if I'm not sure if I passed?

    I'm also not sure about my resume - can anyone recommend any resources that might help??

    I'm really worried about finding a job, I don't have any internships, my GPA is lousy, I don't have any exams... but this is my chosen field and I would like to try to get into it rather than continuing to work temp admin until I pass exams

    Thanks for any advice!

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    I think you should definately include that you have sat for exams. Despite not passing, it shows that you are serious and are willing to put in the time and effort. I was in a similar position going into my job interviews and I put down that I sat for Exam P. I landed a job before even knowing whether I had passed or not. If they ask about the exams, just tell them that you now know how difficult they are and you are confident that,in the future, you will pass them. If you barely failed P and are thinking you are borderline on FM, then I think that is evidence enough that you are capable of passing them. Good luck