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insurance companies vs. consulting firms

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  • insurance companies vs. consulting firms

    I recently passed the sept p/1 exam and have started sending out resumes. This question has probably been asked already, but what, in your opinion, are the biggest advantages/disadvantages of working for an insurance company vs. a consulting firm?? I've been sending resumes to both, but am not sure which way to go. Thanks.

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    i have heard that if you work for a consulting firm you typically work longer and more erratic hours because of the need for travel to meet with clients. for insurance companies i have been told and have read that you typically work between 40-45 hours a week. so i suppose it would be a personal choice as to what you would be willing to do. if you are a family person, you would probably want a more stable and constant work schedule as opposed to maybe a single person who is more able to travel without much sacrifice.