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Access skills and Excel VBA skills

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  • Access skills and Excel VBA skills

    I am in the process of working on my MS Access skills and my Excel VBA skills. (I'm very proficient with Excel itself, IMHO, but I am trying to be proficient at using VBA within Excel.) Knowing that employers value Access skills and Excel skills (including using VBA programming), what specifically should I be able to do with Access (or database programs in general)? And what sort of VBA skills should I have? What should I be able to do with VBA? So far, I am able to write VBA functions that solve implicit equations by using a do while-loop script. What other VBA skills would be valuable? (For instance, making custom dialog boxes.)

    I realize my question here may be sort of vague, but if anyone could tell me what an actuary would likely be expected to do with Excel VBA and/or Access, please let me know. What sort of ways do you use Access and Excel in your work?