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    I'm checking out the job postings here and I see an entry level-no exams position for VP. I'm tempted to apply.
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    Required are 10 years of experience in finances, not limited to insurance, some of them on the level of head of department. Expertise in risk modeling, also not necessary in insurance setting. PhD or at least Ms in Mathematical Finance, Statistical Finance, Econometrics, Financial Engineering, etc. GARP exams instead of SOA. Command of several programming languages including C++.

    I other words, risk manager. Quant, not a classical actuary. Investment banks or hedge funds are as good as insurance companies considering experience. Different career track, different education, different examinations.

    Are you ready to apply?
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    • #3 says 10 years minimum of actuarial experience...but then it says "entry-no exams", which they define as "person has no exams & no full time actuarial experience".

      To me this means you need to have 10 years of part time actuarial experience. Does this make any sense?


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        The job posting should not say entry level. I will correct it. The person did not need to be an actuary but did need to have the extensive experience as described. Sorry for the confusion.
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