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  • interview coming up and need advice

    A couple of weeks ago I posted on here asking for advice in finding a job. I have to say that I've had much more success using ker8's advice by e-mailing my resume and cover letter to chief actuaries as opposed to applying through a company website. In fact, one company's chief actuary requested a phone interview with me even though I was rejected due to inexperience when applying through the company's website a few weeks earlier.

    Anyway, I have an interview coming up and would like to hear any advice you guys have to offer. So far I've only had a few phone interviews that I feel went relatively well, and a few 20-30 min on campus interviews while I was still in university, which also went well (but most companies were unsure if they would have positions available). However, this interview I have coming up will span at least four hours with various people throughout the company's actuarial department.

    I've looked at both interview stickies on this forum, but didn't find much in the way of experience with such a long interview process. Does anyone who has been through a similar interview process have any advice to offer me?


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    Be consistent in your answers. Chances are multiple people will ask you the same question so don't try to get creative and feel like you have to give a different answer to each one. Be honest even if it makes you look bad. A bad truth is better than a good lie. However you should be able to "spin" some things. Do the usual of always trying to maintain eye contact and give complete answers with examples. Basically the employer wants to see if you can do the job and if you can fit in.


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      I've done a lot of interviews so far and would suggest the following:

      Be yourself and try not to be nervous.
      Have your answers ready - will make you look more assertive.
      Dress code smart
      Read trough your CV before the interview so you don't look you have to think

      Best luck


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        I think it is always a good advise to be just yourself and not to be nervous. Normally the interviewer is not a monster and if he is you would not work there anyway :tongue:

        Being honest is also important. If you do not know anything just admit it. That is betterin my opinion than stuttering and giving wrong answers.

        Good Luck.