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Contacting HR vs. actuarial department?

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  • Contacting HR vs. actuarial department?

    I've seen a number of people, both here and on other boards, who say that it is important to apply directly to the actuarial department rather than go through HR. I am a little unclear on how to do this. For example, suppose a large company like Towers Perrin has a posting on their website for a job in the city I live in. Presumably responding to this posting means that my resume will go to HR, which is allegedly bad. Their website also lists the number for the office in my city--is it a bettter idea to call the office, ask to speak to the actuarial department, and talk to someone their about who to send my resume to?

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    I think you should apply to the positions as instructed first. As for Towers Perrins, you need to submit your application through the web and go through phone screens reviewed by HR first. But you should follow up after the HR if you haven't heard from them for a while. If they told you there's no more opening positions, you could try to contact the actuaries dept more directly, esp. for large companies... they are always seeking talent. So just keep trying and don't give up. Good Luck!