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Recent grad looking for some advice, PLEASE

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  • Recent grad looking for some advice, PLEASE

    Hi everyone,

    I'm actually looking for a little bit of advice for a couple of situations, and I would GREATLY appreciate just a few minutes of your time for some input.

    I just recently in December graduated with a BS degree in Business Administration. Unfortunately I didn't discover the Actuarial profession until very close to graduation. Now it has sparked a big interest in me, but I'm a little concerned that with the zero experience I have and my below 3.0 GPA (2.83) I will have a bit of trouble finding somewhere to work. I have not studied for or taken any of the actuarial exams, but I'm planning on getting study material ASAP and signing up for the next available Exam P.

    Another part of my issue is that I'm currently living in western New York, but am planning to relocate to Dallas, TX at some point this summer. For now I would be very happy to find any kind of work to save up some money for this relocation. However, I'm at a loss as to what kind of work to look for. Ideally I would love to find something that will make myself look better for employers in the Dallas area.

    My main questions are: Is it feasible for someone in my position to break into the Actuarial field? And how could I go about doing this?
    What kind of work am I qualified for with my business degree that I can look for in the meantime before I relocate?
    Also, any advice in terms of a long-distance job search would also be very helpful.

    Any sort of advice will be GREATLY APPRECIATED! Thank you so much for taking the time to help.