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Interest in health actuarial

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  • Interest in health actuarial

    I'm a near ACAS but I've also been curious about working in Health pricing and research.

    If an interviewer were to ask why I was interested in a health career, what would be an appropriate answer?

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    Well ... why are you interested in a career as a health actuary?
    "You better get to living, because dying's a pain in the ***." - Frank Sinatra - where I talk about the Blues and the NHL.


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      My first reason is curiosity: I want to see how it compares to casualty pricing. In many ways, I am interested in it for the same reasons I'm interested in Casualty actuarial science: they both take strong math/science/software skills, a solid business acumen, and a great deal of hard and smart work, all things I'm capable of.

      Where I'm at a lack of answers is in the vein of why I would interested in Health as opposed to another job in Casualty. Ultimately I'd be fine with either, but I think I need to know a bit more about the differences to explain why I applied.


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        If you go to make the switch, a few questions will come up:

        1. Why are you interested in the health field. This, you answered.
        2. Why are you looking to leave the casualty field? Now ... you could bridge this one by saying you're looking to diversify your experience and health seems to be a close fit to casualty - but, without an ACAS behind your name the next question is going to be "but how do we know you're going to finish enough exams to even get to ASA?"
        3. The exams question - which ties in to #2. If you switch fields, you're pretty much giving up everything after 4/C and having to continue down the SOA's path - and none of their exams will carry over to the CAS side.

        I would mention that in some ways, health and casualty are similar - they both deal with uncertain futures that contain variability and rely on volume to provide credibility and stability of results. However, the entire discussion of health care makes projecting health insurance costs more uncertain with every implemented change. Certainly, it's not very stable and very predictable like life insurance.
        "You better get to living, because dying's a pain in the ***." - Frank Sinatra - where I talk about the Blues and the NHL.