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    For those of you that think you've been turned down by every single company out there and have no hope. Make sure you've actually been turned down by every company out there first.

    By no means is this an exhaustive list.

    All companies listed may or may not be looking for actuaries.

    Where possible, subsidiary companies are listed under the main company. Companies that have been acquired are listed under the new parent company. Companies in run-off or liquidation are in red and are virtually certain not to be hiring - but are listed just for completeness.

    Property and Casualty(Liability) insurance

    * AAA of CA, AZ & UT (Auto, home & life insurance from this large auto club)
    * AAA Mid-Atlantic Insurance Group (Based in Philly, writes in several states)
    * ACA Financial Guaranty Corporation (Financial guaranty insurance)
    * Acadia Insurance (Northeast regional company of the W. R. Berkley group; based in Westbrook, ME)
    * Acceptance Insurance Company
    * Accident Fund Company (Michigan's largest workers compensation writer; Lansing, MI)
    * Accredited Surety and Casualty Company (Orlando, FL; Bail bonds, fidelity & surety bonds, too)
    * Ace, Limited (Bermuda-based carrier, buying CIGNA’s property-casualty operations)
    * ACUITY Insurance (Successful regional carrier, located in Sheboygan, WI)
    * ACSTAR Insurance Company (New Britain, CT; National writer of non-standard surety bonds)
    * Admiral Insurance (Cherry Hill, NJ; surplus lines writer, part of the W. R. Berkley group)
    * Affiliated FM Insurance Company (Subsidiary of FM Global)
    * Agricultural Workers Mutual Auto Insurance Company (Fort Worth, TX; Auto ins. for TX, OK and AR - can't find a link for career info)
    * Agri General Insurance Company (Johnston, IA; Crop hail and similar coverages)
    * AIG (American International Group)
    -- AI Pacific (American International Pacific Insurance Company)
    -- AIU (American International Underwriters)
    -- American Home Insurance Company
    -- Audubon Insurance Group
    -- Illinois National
    * Alaska Rural Electric Cooperative Association (Insurance co-op for AK utilities)
    * Alberta Motor Association (Personal lines insurance in Alberta, Canada)
    * Alfa Insurance (Multi-line insurer in AL, GA, and MS)
    * Algoma Mutual Insurance Company (Thessalon, Ontario carrier)
    * Alliance Insurance Companies (Great regional carrier in McPherson, KS)
    * Alliance Mutual Insurance Company (Mutual insurance company in North Carolina)
    * Allianz (English version of their main site)
    * Allianz Canada (Home site for the Allianz' Canadian operations)
    * Allied Insurance (Insurance in 22 central states, now part of Nationwide)
    * Allmerica Financial (Worcester, Mass-based L & H and P & C conglomerate)
    * Allstate
    * AmCOMP Assurance ( Florida-based workers compensation carrier)
    * American Agricultural Insurance Company (Farm Bureau company in IL and OH)
    * American Agrisurance (Agricultural insurance, part of Acceptance Insurance Company)
    * American Contractors Insurance Company (Wrapups, more)
    * American Credit Indemnity (Insuring domestic and export accounts receivable)
    * American Country Insurance Company (Insuring cabs & limos, and other specialty lines)
    * American Family Insurance (Madison, WI; Midwest personal lines company, smaller commercial lines unit)
    * American Farm Bureau (Parent organization for the various state Farm Bureaus)
    * American Fidelity (L & H, P & C from this company, soon to be called American Mercury)
    * American Financial Group, Inc. (Holding company for Great American, Republic Indemnity, and others)
    * American Hardware Insurance Group (Affiliated with Motorists Mutual)
    * American Interstate Insurance Company (Specializing in hazardous workers comp)
    * American Modern Insurance Group (Specializing in the manufactured housing industry)
    * American National Property & Casualty(ANPAC) (Springfield, MO)
    * American Nuclear Insurers (JUA for insuring nuclear facilities)
    * American Re (Now part of the Munich Re group)
    * American Reliable Insurance Company (Program business through MGAs)
    * American Resources Insurance Co. (Mobile, AL commercial lines carrier)
    * American Service Insurance Company (Non-standard auto insurance in Illinois)
    * American Sterling Insurance Company (Personal property lines in several states)
    * American Strategic Insurance (Florida homeowners insurance company)
    * American Surety Company (Bond company)
    * American Underwriters Insurance Company (Auto insurance in Arkansas)
    * AMERISAFE Insurance Group (Specializing in hazardous workers comp)
    * Amerisure (Operating in the midwest and south, formerly known as Michigan Mutual)
    * Amex Assurance (American Express' P&C company)
    * Amica (Auto, home and life insurance from this fine Rhode Island company)
    * Amstar Insurance Company (Auto insurance in Florida)
    * Aon Re
    * Arbella (Quincy, MA)
    * Architects & Engineers Insurance Company (RRG for archictects & engineers)
    * Argonaut Insurance Company (Specializes in really large accounts)
    * Armed Forces Insurance
    * Associated Aviation Underwriters (AAU)
    * Associated Industries Insurance Company (Florida work compensation carrier)
    * Associated Industries of MA Mutual Insurance company (Mass work compensation carrier)
    * Association Casualty Insurance Company (Texas work compensation carrier)
    * Assurant Group (Formerly American Bankers Group & American Security Group)
    * Atlantic Mutual Companies (Property, casualty and marine insurance, since 1842)
    * Austin Mutual Insurance Group (Personal lines, some commercial, operates in 11 states)
    * Auto-Owners (Auto insurance)
    * Avemco Insurance Company (Major writer of aircraft insurance)
    * AXA Group (Parent to AXA Insurance, Equitable, others)
    * AXA Insurance (Canada) (Canadian subsidiary of AXA Group)
    * Ayr Farmers' Mutual (Mutual, located in Ayr, Ontario)
    * Badger Mutual Insurance Company (Serving WI, IL, MI, and MN, from Milwaukee)
    * Balboa Life & Casualty (Collateral protection and other insurance, mostly for financial institutions)
    * Baldwin & Lyons Group (Writing fleets on Protective Insurance & Sagamore Insurance paper)
    * BancInsure (Captive, owned by state bankers associations, insuring banks)
    * Bankers Insurance Group (The flood experts, St. Petersburg, Florida)
    * The Bar Plan Mutual Insurance Company (By & for Missouri attorneys)
    * Bay Colony Insurance Company (One of GE's Colonial Penn insurance companies)
    * Bay of Quinte Mutual (Mutual in Picton, Ontario)
    * Bayside Casualty Insurance Company (One of GE's Colonial Penn insurance companies)
    * Beacon Insurance Group (TX carrier, also writes in AR)
    * Beacon Mutual ( Rhode Island’s largest comp carrier)
    * Belair Insurance Company (Internet sales of Canadian auto insurance)
    * W. R. Berkley Company (Over 20 subsidiary regional, specialty, and reinsurance carriers)
    * Bertie & Clinton Mutual (Welland, Ontario)
    * Bituminous Insurance (Specializing in core industries, part of Old Republic Group)
    * Blue Ridge Insurance (Regional northeastern carrier, part of Winterthur Group)
    * Boiler Inspection & Insurance Company (BI&I) (Canadian subsidiary of Hartford Steam Boiler)
    * Brant Mutual Insurance Company (Mutual, Brantford, Ontario)
    * Brethren Mutual (Operates in Maryland and Pennsylvania)
    * Briar Creek Mutual Insurance Company (Personal & small commercial lines, Pennsylvania only)
    * British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA) (Personal lines in B.C.)
    * Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company (Fort Wayne, In, insurer of churches)
    * Buckeye State Mutual Insurance Company (Serving rural mid-America from Piqua, Ohio)
    * Builders Insurance Company, Inc.
    * Business Insurance Group (Workers compensation from the folks in Rancho Cordoba, CA)
    * California FAIR Plan (CA property residual market)
    * California Insurance Group (Insuring CA & NV, from beautiful Monterey, CA)
    * Cameron Mutual (Insuring Missouri - and Arkansas - from Cameron, MO)
    * CAMICO Mutual Insurance Company (CPA professional liability insurance)
    * Canada Life Re
    * Canadian Millers' Mutual Insurance Company (Insuring Canadian agri-business)
    * Capital Mutual Insurance Company (Small New York insurance carrier)
    * Capital Title Group (CTG) (Title insurance from this Phoenix AZ company)
    * Capitol Indemnity (P&C and bonds from the folks in Madison, WI)
    * Caradoc Delaware Mutual Insurance Company (Mt. Bridges, Ontario)
    * Carolina Casualty (One of the W. R. Berkley companies)
    * Casco Indemnity ('New England's Auto Specialists')
    * Cayuga Mutual Fire Insurance Company (Mutual carrier in Cayuga, Ontario)
    * Celina Insurance (NHTSA material, including vehicle interactive search for auto recalls)
    * Central Insurance Companies (aka Central Mutual)
    * Century Surety (for hard to place insurance and bonds)
    * Charter Insurance Companies (Specializing in non-standard auto coverges)
    * Chartwell Re (Now part of the Trenwick Group)
    * Chieftain Insurance (New Canadian insurance company)
    * Chubb (Lots of online literature available)
    * Chubb Executive Risk (D & O Insurance, formerly Executive Risk)
    * Church Insurance Company (Specializes in Episcopal churches, only)
    * Church Mutual (Merrill, WI; major writer of houses of worship and similar risks)
    * Cincinnati Equitable Insurance Company (Oldest company west of the Allegheny Mountains)
    * Cincinnati Insurance Companies (Large, agent-owned company)
    * Citadel General Assurance (Canadian subsidiary of Winterthur)
    * Citizens Insurance Company (Big writer in Michigan, part of the Allmerica Financial Corp)
    * Civil Service Employees Insurance (CSE) (Insurance for public employees & others in western states)
    * Clarendon Insurance (Program business through MGAs)
    * CNA (Chicago, IL; Major writer of commercial lines insurance)
    -- CNA RE (Reinsurance arm of CNA, site incorporates searches from Lexis-Nexis)
    -- CNA Surety (Formerly known as Western Surety)
    * Coast National Insurance Company (Auto insurance for Californians)
    * Colonial Casualty Insurance Company (Workers comp, mostly Texas)
    * Colonial Surety (Surety & fidelity bonds, since 1930)
    * Colony Insurance (Specialty insurance from the Front Royal group)
    * Columbia Insurance Group (Operating from Columbia, MO, since the 1800’s)
    * Commerce & Industry Insurance Company (One of the AIG insurance companies)
    * Commerce Insurance Company (Largest writer of auto insurance in Massachusetts)
    * Commonwealth Insurance Company (Commercial lines, part of the Fairfax Holdings group)
    * CompFirst (Managed care writer of workers compensation in the southeast)
    * Condor Insurance (Actively writing homeowners policies in California)
    * Connecticut Life & Casualty (Personal lines direct writer, in Connecticut)
    * Contractors Bonding and Insurance Company (CBIC) (Writing contractors, nationally, from Seattle)
    * Co-operative Insurance Companies (Middlebury, VT)
    * The Co-operators (L & H, P & C insurance in Canada)
    * Copic Insurance Company (Colorado medical malpractice carrier)
    * Coregis (Former C&F subsidiary, now part of G. E. Capital)
    * Cornerstone National Insurance Company (Personal auto insurance in MO, AR, OK)
    * Cotton States Insurance (Serving 10 southeastern states from their home office in Atlanta, GA)
    * Country Financial (Bloomington, IL; L&H and P&C, formerly known as Country Companies)
    * (Central site for businesses, carriers, & agents)
    * Crum & Forster (National carrier, part of Fairfax Financial)
    * Crusader Insurance Company (Specializes in small businesses, writes in western states)
    * Cumberland Group (Personal and commercial lines for New Jersey only)
    * CUNA Mutual (Madison, WI. Credit Union insurance, and much more)
    * Dairyland Insurance Company (Motorcycle & non-standard auto, from this Sentry company)
    * Deerbrook Insurance Company (Non-standard auto subsidiary of Allstate)
    * The Dentists Insurance Company (Dentist-owned professional liability carrier)
    * Direct General (Direct-writing carrier in Nashville, TN)
    * Discover Re (Sharp, innovative division of St. Paul)
    * The Doctors Company (Largest physician-owned medical malpractice carrier)
    * Doctors Insurance Reciprocal (RRG insuring doctors in the southeast)
    * Donegal Insurance Group (Writing in PA, MD, DE, OH, & VA through 800 agents)
    -- Le Mars Mutual (Le Mars, Iowa)
    * Downie Mutual Insurance Company (Mutual carrier in Sebringville, Ontario)
    * DPIC (Design Professionals Insurance Company) (Professional liability programs, part of Orion group)
    * Dufferin Mutual (Mutual carrier in Shelburne, Ontario)
    * Dumfries Mutual Insurance Company (Mutual carrier in Cambridge, Ontario)
    * Eagle Insurance Group (Specialists in Longshoremen & Harborworkers coverage)
    * Eagle Pacific Insurance Company (Part of Eagle Insurance Group)
    * Eastern Dentists Insurance Company (Professional & general liability insurance for northeast dentists)
    * Economical Insurance (Large Canadian carrier)
    * ECS (Specialists in environmental risk management and insurance, an XLCapital company)
    * Electric Insurance Company (Direct writer of personal lines insurance in 47 states)
    * EMC Insurance Companies (National carrier based in Des Moines, Iowa)
    * Empire Fire & Marine (Omaha-based subsidiary of the Zurich Group)
    * Employers Insurance Company of Nevada (Workcomp in Nevada)
    * Employers Re (ERC) (reinsurance, Overland Park, KS)
    * Energy Insurance Mutual (Insuring utilities and the energy services industry)
    * Erie Insurance (P&C, life & Annuities from this Erie, PA large carrier)
    * Erie Mutual Fire Insurance Company (Mutual carrier in Dunnville, Ontario)
    * Essex Insurance Company (One of the Markel Companies)
    * Esurance (Part of White Mountains Group)
    * Everest National Insurance Company (Primary carrier, part of the Everest Re Group)
    * Everest Re Group, Ltd. (Domestic & international reinsurance)
    * Explorer Insurance Company (Part of the ICW Group)
    * Falvey Cargo Underwriters (Cargo insurance, underwritten at Lloyd’s)
    * FacWorld (Online facultative reinsurance site, from GeneralCologne Re)
    * Farm Bureau (Locator map for the various state Farm Bureaus and Farm Bureau Life companies)
    * Farm Bureau of Michigan (Lansing, MI affiliate of the Farm Bureau group of companies)
    * Farm Family (Glenmont, NY affiliate of the Farm Bureau group of companies)
    * Farmers Alliance Mutual Insurance Company (aka The Alliance Insurance Companies)
    * Farmers & Mechanics Mutual Insurance Co. of West Virginia (Insuring West Virginians since 1877)
    * Farmers Home Group (Personal lines, for over 100 years)
    * Farmers Insurance Group (the largest reciprocal insurer in the country)
    * Farmers' Mutual Insurance Company (Elizabethtown, PA mutual carrier)
    * Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance Company of Iowa
    * Farmland Insurance (Agribusiness specialists, a subsidiary of Nationwide)
    * FCCI (Florida's largest domestic workers compensation carrier)
    * Federated Insurance Company (Canadian P&C subsidiary of Fairfax Holdings)
    * Federated Mutual Insurance Company (Large carrier, based in Owatonna, MN)
    * Federated National (FedUSA) (Ft. Lauderdale carrier, writes only in FL)
    * Federated Rural Electric Insurance Exchange (Insuring rural utilities)
    * FHM Insurance Company (Specializing in FL hospitality risks)
    * Fidelity & Deposit (Venerable bonding firm, now part of the Zurich group)
    * Fidelity National Title Insurance Company (Title insurance company)
    * Financial Pacific (Commercial lines carrier, in Rocklin, CA)
    * Financial Security Assurance Group (Insures municipal bonds & asset-backed securities)
    * Fireman's Fund (Allianz Group)
    * First American Title Insurance Company (Title insurance company)
    * 1st Guard Insurance Company (Specializing in truck owner-operators)
    * First Indemnity of America (Surety writer in the northeast)
    * First Nonprofit Companies (Insurance and services for nonprofit organizations)
    * First Trenton Insurance Group (NJ personal lines, part of Travelers)
    * FirstComp Insurance Company (Workcomp in AR, MS, NV & TN)
    * Florida Family Mutual (Florida personal lines carrier)
    * Florida Farm Bureau (Farm, personal, and some business insurance for Floridians)
    * Florida Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company (Created by the Florida Bar)
    * Florida Physicians Insurance Company (FPIC) (Professional liability in FL, GA, & AL)
    * Florists' Mutual Insurance Company (Insuring florists for over 110 years)
    * FM Global (See Factory Mutual Insurance Company)
    * Foremost (Nation's largest writer of mobile homes)
    * Formosa Mutual Fire Insurance (Mutual carrier, located in Formosa, Ontario)
    * Foundation Reserve Insurance Company (Sister company to New Mexico Mutual)
    * Founders Insurance (Personal lines insurance, primarily auto in Illinois)
    * Frankenmuth Mutual
    * Franklin Mutual Insurance (Personal and commercial lines for New Jersey)
    * Frederick Mutual (Insuring Marylanders since 1843)
    * Friends Cove Mutual Insurance Company (Your friends in Friends Cove, PA)
    * Fremont Mutual (Personal & commercial lines, only in Michigan)
    * Fulmont Mutual Insurance Company (Insuring upstate NY, personal & commercial lines)
    * GAINSCO Insurance Company (Insurance through general agents only)
    * GE Auto & Home Assurance (Direct written personal lines) GE insurance might be owned by Swiss Re now. I'm not sure how much of GE insurance they acquired.
    * GE Medical Protective Company (Medical malpractice in all but NY)
    * GEICO (Chevy Chase, MD; One of the jewels of the Warren Buffett family of companies)
    * Gem State Insurance Company (Insuring Idaho only, from good old Gooding, Idaho)
    * General Accident Assurance (Home page for the Canadian operation of General Accident)
    * General Casualty (Part of the Winterthur group, these folks are based in Sun Prairie, WI)
    * General Star (Specialty lines carrier, part of GeneralCologne Re)
    * GeneralCologne Re (Largest reinsurer in the US)
    * GeoVera Insurance Company (Earthquake-writing subsidiary of the St. Paul Group)
    * Georgia Casualty & Surety (Commercial lines in southern states)
    * Georgia Underwriting Association (Georgia FAIR Plan)
    * Gerling Insurance Companies (P&C, life, & credit insurance from this large German group)
    * Germania Farm Mutual (Texas' largest farm mutual carrier)
    * Germania Farmers' Mutual (Mutual, located in Ayton, Ontario)
    * Glencoe Re (See Renaissance Re)
    * GMAC Insurance (Auto, RV, and motorcycle insurance)
    * GNY Insurance Companies (Commercial lines in northeast & mid-atlantic states)
    * Goodville Mutual (Personal & business coverage, in about 9 states)
    * Gore Mutual (Canada's oldest federally licensed carrier)
    * Grain Dealers Mutual
    * Grange Insurance Companies (Columbus-based, writing in OH, IL, IN, KY, TN & GA)
    * Grange Insurance Group (Seattle-based, writing in WA, CO & CA)
    * Gray Insurance Company (Specializing in contractors in the Gulf coast states)
    * Great American Insurance (Site includes general info and some specialty programs)
    * Great West Casualty (Trucking specialists, part of Old Republic)
    * Green Garden Mutual Insurance Company (Illinois only, from Monee, IL)
    * Grenville Mutual Insurance Company (Mutual carrier in Spencerville, Ontario)
    * Grinnell Mutual Group (A policy of working together)
    * Grocers Insurance (Oregon-based, largest writer of grocery and related industries)
    * Guarantee Company of North America (Canadian bonding carrier)
    * Guard Insurance Group (Regional workers comp company, based in Wilkes-Barre, PA)
    * GuideOne Insurance (Large writer specializing in churches, formerly known as Preferred Risk Mutual)
    * Halwell Mutual (Mutual in Guelph, Ontario)
    * Hanover Insurance Company (Largest of the P&C subsidiaries of Allmerica Financial Corp)
    * Harford Mutual (6 states and DC, from Bel Air, MD)
    * Harleysville Group (Harleysville, PA; holding company for Harleysville Insurance and subsidiary companies)
    * The Hartford Insurance Company
    * Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection & Insurance Company (Steam boilers, and much more)
    * Hastings Mutual Insurance Company (Covering Michigan & nearby states from Hastings, MI)
    * Hawaii Employers’ Mutual Insurance Company (HEMIC) (Workers compensation, for the Aloha state)
    * Heartland Lloyds Insurance Company (Insuring homes & farms in Texas towns of under 50,000)
    * HIH Insurance (Workers comp writer in multiple states, US part of HIH of Austrailia)
    * Hingham Mutual (Six New England states, from Hingham, MA)
    * Hochheim Prairie Insurance Companies (Insuring rural Texas)
    * Holyoke Mutual Insurance Company (In Salem, MA, since 1843)
    * Homesite Insurance Company (Personal lines direct writer, started in MA & expanding)
    * Horace Mann Insurance (Insurance America's Educational Community)
    * Hortica Insurance (Edwardsville, IL; writes insurance for the horticultural industry - hence, the name)
    * Howick Mutual Insurance (Mutual carrier in Wroxeter, Ontario)
    * HUM Group (Healthcare Underwriters Mutual) (Professional liability for the healthcare industry)
    * Illinois Insurance Exchange (Specialty coverage)
    * Illinois Public Risk Fund (Alternative workers compensation carrier for Illinois public entities)
    * IMT Insurance
    * Independence Casualty & Surety Company (Part of the ICW Group)
    * Indiana Farm Bureau
    * Indiana Farmers (Insuring Indiana since 1877)
    * Indiana Lumbermens Insurance Company (Serving the forest products and building materials industries)
    * Industrial Risk Insurers (Specialists in large industrial risks, heavy in loss control & engineering)
    * Infinity Group (This American Financial subsidiary does auto insurance only)
    * Injured Workers' Insurance Fund (IWIF) (Maryland's workers compensation state fund)
    * Insurance Company of the West (ICW) (San Diego-based multiline regional carrier)
    * Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (Auto insurer in British Columbia)
    * Insurors Indemnity Company (Contract and other bonds, only in Texas)
    * Integrity Mutual (Based in Appleton, WI, writes in WI, MN and IA)
    * International Fidelity Insurance Company (Surety and miscellaneous bonds)
    * Iowa Mutual (DeWitt, IA, since 1900)
    * ISBA Mutual Insurance Company (Part of Illinois State Bar Assoc, professional liability for IL lawyers)
    * Island Insurance Companies (Hawaiian-owned & managed, for 60+ years)
    * Jefferson Insurance Group (Specialty insurance from the JeffGroup)
    * Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company (Insuring jewelry businesses in all 50 states)
    * Kansas Medical Mutual Insurance Company (Professional liability, KS & MO)
    * Kansas Mutual Insurance Company (Farm & personal lines, in KS only)
    * Kemper Insurance
    * Kent & Essex Mutual Insurance Company (Mutual carrier, located in Chatham, Ontario)
    * Kentucky Employer's Mutual Insurance (KEMI) ('Making workers comp work')
    * Key Risk Insurance Company (Part of the W. R. Berkley group, workers comp specialists)
    * Lackawanna Casualty (Pennsylvania workers comp)
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    * Lambton Mutual (Mutual carrier in Watford, Ontario)
    * LAMMICO (Louisiana Medical Mutual Insurance Company) (Metairie, LA; Louisiana's largest med mal writer)
    * Lancer Insurance Company (Long Beach, NY; primarily commercial auto insurance, especially high-risk)
    * Lawyers Title Insurance Company (Jacksonville, FL; Title insurance company)
    * Leader Insurance Company (Auto insurance carrier, part of American Financial Group)
    * Lebanon Valley Insurance Company (Cleona, PA mutual carrier)
    * Liberty Mutual (Boston, MA; Responsibility - what's your policy?)
    -- Safeco (Seattle's very large national P&C and Life carrier; acquired by Liberty Mutual in 2008)
    * Lititz Mutual (Intro to the company, and to the PA Dutch area)
    * Lloyds of London
    * London Reinsurance Group (P&C, L&H reinsurance products; a subsidiary of London Life)
    * Louisiana Pest Control Insurance Company
    * Lumbermen's Underwriting Alliance (Forest products insurance, 47 states, based in Boca Raton, FL)
    * LWCC (Louisiana Workers Compensation Corp) (Louisiana's largest private workcomp carrier)
    * Madison Mutual Insurance Company (Edwardsville, IL) (Personal lines in Illinois)
    * Madison Mutual Insurance Company (NY) (Commercial & personal lines in New York)
    * Mag Mutual (Medical malpractice writer in GA, NC, SC, AL & TN)
    * Main Street America Group (Group of companies, based in Keene, NH)
    * Maine Employers' Mutual Insurance Company (MEMIC) (Maine's largest workers comp carrier)
    * Maine Mutual Fire Insurance Company (Writing in Maine, VT, & NH, from Presque Isle, ME)
    * ManagedComp Insurance Company (Mass workers comp carrier)
    * The Markel Companies
    * Markel American Insurance Company (One of the Markel Companies)
    * MarketScout ('Best of Class' markets for the independent agent)
    * Markham General Insurance Company (Canadian personal/commercial carrier)
    * MBIA (Credit insurance for municipalities & other governmental entities)
    * Wm. H. McGee (Major writer of inland and ocean marine insurance, now part of Fireman's Fund)
    * McKillop Mutual (Mutual in Seaforth, Ontario)
    * Meadowbrook Insurance Group (Pioneer in Alternative Risk Management programs)
    * Medical Assurance Group (Professional liability for the healthcare industry)
    * Medical Liability Mutual Insurance Company (MLMIC) (Professional liability)
    * Medical Mutual Insurance Company of Maine (Covering health care providers in Northern New England)
    * Medmarc Insurance Group (Product liability for the life sciences industries)
    * MEEMIC (Insurance for educators and their families, part of The Professionals Group)
    * Mendota Insurance Company (Specialty insurance carrier from St. Paul, MN)
    * Mennonite Mutual Fire Insurance Company
    * Merchants Bonding Company (Bonding company in Des Moines, IA)
    * Merchants Insurance Group (Buffalo, NY-based regional carrier)
    * Mercury Insurance (Major writer of auto insurance in California)
    * Met Life (Life & health, property & casualty)
    * Miami Mutual Insurance Company (Insuring Ohio, Miami County, Ohio)
    * Michigan Construction Industry Mutual (Workers compensation for the Michigan construction industry)
    * Michigan Educational Employees Mutual Insurance Company
    * Michigan Insurance Company (Focused on Michigan, from Grand Rapids)
    * Michigan Millers Mutual Insurance Company (Both agribusiness and general business insurance)
    * Mid-Continent Insurance Company (PA) (Personal & commercial lines in PA & other states)
    * Middlesex Mutual Assurance Company (Formed in 1836, in Middletown, CT)
    * Midwest Family Mutual (Regional carrier located in Minnetonka, MN)
    * Minnesota Surety And Trust Company (Judicial, probate, misc. bonds)
    * Missouri Employers Mutual Insurance (Workers comp in Missouri)
    * Missouri Valley Mutual (Personal & commercial lines in South Dakota only)
    * Monroe Guaranty (Employee-owned midwest insurance carrier)
    * Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation (MGIC) (U.S.’s leading mortgage insurance company)
    * Motor Club of America (Personal & small commercial, mostly New Jersey, but expanding)
    * Motorists Mutual (Now owns American Hardware Insurance Group)
    * MSI Companies (Mutual Service Insurance Companies, cooperatively governed carrier)
    * Munich Re
    * Mutual Benefit Group (Personal & commercial lines in MD, OH, & PA)
    * Mutual Fire & Automobile Insurance Company (Serving Iowa exclusively)
    * Mutual Insurance Company of Arizona (Serving the southwest's healthcare community)
    * Mutual of Enumclaw (Serving the Pacific Northwest for 100 years)
    * Mutual of Omaha (Life & health, property & casualty insurance from the Wild Kingdom people)
    * Mutual Reinsurance Bureau (MRB) (Reinsurance company in Cherry Valley, IL)
    * National Farmers Union (50 years strong, and very progressive)
    * National Grange Mutual (Keene, NH parent company to the Main Street America Group)
    * National Indemnity (Part of Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway group)
    * National Insurance Company (Personal & commercial insurance in eastern Canada)
    * National Lloyds Insurance Company (Texas, but expanding out)
    * National Union Fire (One of the AIG insurance companies)
    * Nationwide (P&C, L&H, from this very large insurance giant)
    * Nautilus Insurance Group (One of the W. R. Berkley companies)
    * Navigators Insurance (Large marine writer, also specialty lines)
    * Nazareth Mutual Insurance Company (Small Pennsylvania personal lines carrier)
    * NCMIC Insurance Company (Malpractice for Chiropractors in all states)
    * New Jersey Manufacturers (Direct writing mutual carrier in New Jersey, some in NY, PA)
    * New Mexico Mutual Casualty Company (New Mexico's state compensation insurance fund)
    * New York Central Mutual Fire (Personal and commercial insurance in New York State)
    * New York State Insurance Fund (New York's largest workers comp writer)
    * New Hampshire Insurance Company (One of the AIG insurance companies)
    * NLC (Originally the New London County Mutual Fire Insurance Company)
    * Nodak Mutual Insurance Company (Leading writer of farms in North Dakota)
    * Norcal Mutual Insurance Company (Medical Malpractice, mostly in California)
    * Norfolk Mutual Insurance Company (Mutual in Simcoe, Ontario)
    * North American Insurance Company (Standard & specialty business from Chandler, OK)
    * North Blenheim Mutual Insurance Company (Mutual carrier in Bright, Ontario)
    * North Kent Mutual Fire Insurance Company (Mutual carrier in Dresden, Ontario)
    * North Pointe Insurance Company (Niche markets, big in liquor liability)
    * North Star Companies (Regional midwest carrier)
    * North Waterloo Farmers Mutual Insurance Company (Mutual in Ontario)
    * Northern Neck Insurance Company (Insuring Virginians from the Northern Neck of Virginia)
    * Nova Casualty (Specialty products in many states)
    * NYMAGIC (New York Marine And General Insurance Company) (Marine & casualty lines)
    * Odyssey Re (Global reinsurance arm of Fairfax Financial)
    * OHIC Insurance Company (Formerly Ohio Hospital Insurance Company)
    * Ohio Bar Liability Insurance Company (Professional liability in Ohio, for attorneys, of course)
    * Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation (Ohio's monopolistic state fund)
    * Ohio Indemnity (Insuring banks & other financial institutions)
    * Ohio Mutual Insurance Group
    * Old Lyme Insurance Company of Rhode Island (Wholly-owned subsidiary of Kaye Group)
    * Old Republic Insurance Group (Chicago-based group of P&C and L&H companies)
    -- Republic Mortgage Insurance Company (RMIC) (Winston-Salem, NC; Mortgage insurer)
    * Old United Insurance Companies (Specialized P&C and L&H company)
    * Omni Insurance Group (Non-standard auto insurance, from the Hartford)
    * Ontario School Boards' Insurance Exchange (Insuring Ontario's schools)
    * Ophthalmic Mutual Insurance Company (RRG for the American Academy of Ophthalmology)
    * Optimum Farm Insurance (Auto and farm insurance in Quebec, Canada)
    * Oregon Mutual (Serving the Pacific Northwest from McMinnville, OR)
    * Orion Group (EBI, DPIC, Connecticut Specialty, Wm. H. McGee, and now Guaranty National)
    * Otsego Mutual (Homes, dwellings, apartments, in NY state only)
    * Oxford Mutual Insurance Company (Mutual, located in Thamesford, Ontario)
    * Pacific Eagle Insurance Company (Part of Eagle Insurance Group)
    * Parkway Insurance Company (Auto insurance in NJ, only)
    * PartnerRe (Bermuda-based reinsurer, with American operations)
    * Partners Mutual Insurance Company (Personal & commercial insurance in WI, IA, & MI)
    * Patrons Group (Glastonbury, CT group, originally Patrons Mutual)
    * Peel Mutual Insurance Company (2nd largest mutual company in Ontario, located in Brampton)
    * Pekin Insurance (Midwest company, L&H and P&C)
    * Pembridge Insurance Company (Canadian subsidiary of Allstate)
    * PENCO (Specializing in public entity insurance)
    * Penn National Insurance (Harrisburg-based, serving about 10 states)
    * Penn-America Group (Penn-America and Penn-Star, in Hatboro, PA)
    * Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Company (Insuring lumber-related risks, most states)
    * Pennsylvania Medical Society Liability Insurance Company (PMSLIC) (PA's largest med-mal carrier)
    * Pennsylvania Millers Mutual Insurance Company (Wilkes-Barre carrier, writing agribusiness)
    * Permanent General Companies (Auto and non-standard auto, in selected states)
    * The Personal (Group auto & group home insurance, in Canada)
    * Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Company (Formerly known as Druggists Mutual Insurance Company)
    * PHICO (Insurance for healthcare providers in all 50 states, from Mechanicsburg, PA)
    * Philadelphia Insurance Companies (Lots of specialty programs)
    * The Philanthropic Insurance Companies (Life, some P&C, in PA and DE)
    * Physicians Mutual (Started with doctors in 1902, now open to all)
    * PIC Wisconsin (Medical malpractice writer)
    * PICA Group (Professional liability carrier specializing in podiatry)
    * Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Company (Personal & commercial lines, in Michigan only)
    * Platinum Re
    * PMA Group (From Blue Bell, Pa, formerly Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association)
    * PMA Re (Treaty & facultative reinsurance, lots of details)
    * PMI Mortgage Insurance Company (Large private mortgage insurer)
    * Portage Mutual (Insuring all of Canada, from Portage La Prairie, Manitoba)
    * Preferred Mutual Insurance Company (Nice people from New Berlin, NY)
    * Preferred Physicians Insurance Company (Coverage only for its three religious organization owners)
    * Preferred Risk Mutual (now known as GuideOne Insurance)
    * Princeton Insurance Company (Professional liability, BOP, workcomp)
    * Professionals Advocate Insurance Company (Doctor-owned professional liability carrier)
    * Proformance Insurance Company (Small New Jersey insurance carrier)
    * Program BETA (P & C risk-sharing pool for Calif. hospitals)
    * Progressive (''''''and, OH area; major personal auto writer)
    * ProMutual Group (Medical malpractice-Massachusetts)
    * Promutuel (French Canadian personal lines carrier)
    * ProNational Insurance Company (Professional liability from The Professionals Group)
    * Protection Mutual Insurance (Now part of FM Global)
    * Providence Mutual (New England's first fire insurance company)
    * Providence Washington Insurance Companies (Nice people in Providence, RI)
    * Prudential (Insurance - P&C and L&H - from 'The Rock')
    * PSM (Public Service Mutual) (New York City-based regional carrier, expanding nationally)
    * PXRE Re (Specializing in catastrophe reinsurance)
    * QBE The Americas (General Casualty, Unigard, Blue Ridge, et. al.; bought Winterthur in 2006)
    -- General Casualty Insurance [Sun Prairie, WI]
    -- National Farmers Union [Denver, CO]
    -- Unigard Insurance [Bellevue, WA]
    * QualSure Insurance Corp. (New Florida property insurer)
    * Quincy Mutual (Quincy, Mass)
    -- Patrons Oxford Insurance Company (Auburn, ME affiliate of Quincy Mutual)
    * Radian Guaranty (Mortgage insurer)
    * Ranger Insurance (Large, Houston-based insurance carrier)
    * RBC Insurance Company (Carrier subsidiary of Canada's Royal Bank)
    * Reciprocal Group (Group of companies writing professional liability & workers comp)
    * RelianceDirect (Reliance’s direct-writing Internet site)
    * Renaissance Re (Property catastrophe reinsurance)
    * RLI Corp [Peoria, IL; P&C insurer, also writes surety bonds]
    * Regis Insurance Company (Commercial lines in about 15 states)
    * Renaissance Re (Property catastrophe reinsurance
    * Republic Indemnity (California workers comp company, part of American Financial Group)
    * Republic Western (Specialty personal & commercial lines programs from Amerco, the U-Haul folks)
    * Response Insurance (Direct writer, personal lines)
    * Rockingham Group (Regional company, in Harrisonburg, VA)
    * Rockwood Casualty (Workers comp and other commercial lines in PA and several other states)
    * Royal & Sun Alliance (Combination of two venerable English insurers, now one of world's largest)
    * Royal & Sun Alliance (Canada) (P & C, Life and Investments)
    * RTW, Inc. (Workers comp carrier, formerly Return To Work Insurance, heavy in loss control)
    * Safety Insurance Company (Auto insurance in Massachusetts)
    * Safety National (St. Louis company specializing in workers comp and alternative risk funding)
    * SAIF Corporation (Oregon's largest workers compensation carrier)
    * Saucon Mutual (Still writing perpetual policies in Pennsylvania, since 1832)
    * SCPIE (Medical malpractice, mostly in California)
    * Secura Insurance (Covering the Upper Midwest from Appleton, WI)
    * Security Mutual Insurance Company (New York only carrier, based in Binghamton, NY)
    * Selective Insurance (Branchville, NJ; commercial and personal insurance)
    * Victor O. Schinnerer & Co., Inc. (Specialists in professional liability)
    * SCOR Re (France’s first reinsurer, operating worldwide …. the site’s in English, too)
    * Scottish Re
    * Seibels Bruce Group (Doing business, through independent agents, for over 130 years)
    * Shelter Insurance (Regional carrier in Columbia, MO)
    * Signal Mutual (Association providing USL&H coverage, regulated by the Department of Labor)
    * Society Insurance (Personal & commercial lines from this Fond-du-Lac, WI carrier)
    * South Carolina Wind & Hail Underwriters Association (Residual property market in SC)
    * South Easthope Mutual Insurance Company (Mutual carrier in Tavistock, Ontario)
    * Southern Family Insurance Company (Florida only carrier, in Tampa)
    * Southern Farm Bureau Casualty (One of the larger farm bureaus)
    * Southern Guaranty Insurance Company (One of the Winterthur companies)
    * Southern Michigan Insurance Company (Personal lines in Michigan)
    * Southern Mutual (Over 150 years, in Athens, GA)
    * Southern Trust Insurance Company (Personal, commercial lines in GA & TN, from Macon, GA)
    * Southern United (Surety and non-standard auto in Alabama and other southern states)
    * Southwest Casualty Company (See New Mexico Mutual Casualty Company)
    * Speare & Company (Intellectual Property Insurance Specialists)
    * Spring Valley Mutual (Over 100 years in Spring Valley, MN)
    * St. Paul Fire & Marine (With the purchase of USF&G, now one of the biggest. Part of Travelers)
    * State Auto Insurance (Cute graphics from this Columbus, Oh-based carrier)
    * State Compensation Insurance Fund (California's largest work comp writer)
    * State Farm Insurance (Like a good neighbor, this is a friendly site)
    * State Fund (Arizona) (Arizona's largest workers compensation carrier)
    * State Fund Mutual (Minnesota writer of workers compensation insurance)
    * State Volunteer Mutual Insurance Company (Physician- owned, writes in 7 states)
    * Stewart Title Guaranty Company (Title insurance company)
    * Sun States Insurance Group (Personal & commercial insurance in several southern states)
    * Sutter Insurance Company (Calif. & western states, mostly personal lines)
    * Swiss Re (Zurich-based parent company of the Swiss Re Group)
    * Swiss Re Canada (Home page for Swiss Re’s Canadian operations)
    * Tennessee Farmers (Insuring Tennessee farmers, of course)
    * Tennessee Insurance Company (One of the Permanent General Companies)
    * Texas Builders Insurance Company (Texas work comp writer, not just for construction risks)
    * Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Companies (Personal lines, farm, L&H)
    * Texas Lawyers’ Insurance Exchange (Reciprocal in Austin, insuring Texas lawyers since 1979)
    * Texas Medical Insurance Company (Part of physician-owned Texas Medical Liability Trust)
    * Texas Workers Compensation Insurance Fund (State fund for Texas, of course)
    * TIG (This site focuses on TIG's specialty business)
    * Toa Re (North American subsidiary of Japan’s Toa Reinsurance Company, Limited)
    * Tokio Marine Management Inc
    * Tokio Millenium Re
    * Topa Insurance Company (California & Nevada carrier)
    * Tower Group Companies (Target and niche market insurance programs)
    * Townsend Farmers' Mutual Fire Insurance Company (Mutual located in Waterford, Ontario)
    * Transamerica Reinsurance (Now part of Aegon)
    * Transatlantic Re (Publicly traded reinsurer)
    * Travelers (The good old red umbrella ... and the Aetna, too)
    -- Premier Insurance Company (Mass auto only, part of Travelers)
    * Trenwick Group (Trenwick American Reinsurance & Chartwell Re)
    * Triad Guaranty Insurance (Mortgage insurer)
    * Triangle Companies (Regional cooperative serving TX, OK, AR, & LA)
    * 21st Century Insurance (Formerly known - last century - as 20th Century Insurance; subsidiary of AIG)
    * Ulico Casualty (P&C company of the ULLICO Group)
    * Union Mutual Insurance Company (Insuring New England, from Montpelier, VT)
    * Union Standard Insurance Company (One of the W. R. Berkley companies)
    * United Fire Group (Writing insurance in about half the states, based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa)
    * United National Group (Specialty business through MGAs)
    * United States Liability Insurance Group (Commercial & personal lines products)
    * Universal Insurance Company (Puerto Rico carrier, personal & commercial)
    * Universal Underwriters (Specialists in recreational products insurance)
    * USAA (Major carrier, life/health & property/casualty, based in San Antonio in the largest bldg in the USA)
    * USAIG (United States Aircraft Insurance Group) (Underwriting pool for USAU)
    * USAU (United States Aviation Underwriters) (Underwriting organization for USAIG)
    * Utah Medical Insurance Exchange (UMIA) (Physician-owned reciprocal)
    * Utica First Insurance Company (CT, NY, OH, PA, NJ)
    * Utica National (National carrier, since 1914, now based in New Hartford, NY)
    * Vanliner Insurance Company (Insuring the nation's moving van lines)
    * Verlan Fire Insurance Company (Property insurance for tough industrial risks)
    * Vermont Mutual (All of New England, plus New York, all from Montpelier, VT)
    * Vesta Fire Insurance (aka Vesta/Shelby, Birmingham, AL carrier) Possibly insolvent.
    * Virginia Mutual (Insuring Virginia and North Carolina)
    * Wabisa Mutual Insurance Company (Mutual carrier in Jarvis, Ontario)
    * Wasatch Crest Group (Salt Lake City based carrier)
    * Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company (Personal, commercial, life, from Wawanesa, Manitoba)
    * West Bend Mutual (Personal and commercial insurance in the midwest)
    * West Wawanosh Mutual Insurance Company (Mutual located in Dungannon, Ontario)
    * Western Mutual Insurance Group (Writes California homeowners)
    * Western National Insurance Group (Regional carrier, based in Minnesota)
    * Western Protectors Insurance Company (Part of the Oregon Mutual group)
    * Western Reserve Group (P&C mutual company, operates in OH & IN)
    * Western World Insurance Group (Specialty commercial lines products, through wholesalers)
    * Westminster Mutual Insurance Company (Mutual carrier in Belmont, Ontario)
    * White Mountain Insurance Group (Holding company for several insurance companies)
    -- One Beacon Insurance Group (Formerly CGU, Commercial Union, & General Accident)
    -- White Mountains Re (global reinsurance)
    -- White Mountains
    * Wisconsin Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company (For Wisconsin lawyers only)
    * Wisconsin Mutual (Personal & commercial lines, writes only in Wisconsin. Located in Madison.)
    * Wisconsin Reinsurance Corporation (Reinsurance of, & umbrella organization for small town mutuals)
    * Wolverine Mutual (Dowagiac, MI; southwest part of the state)
    * (Worker's comp resource for agents & brokers)
    * Workers Compensation Fund of Utah (WCF) (Utah's competitive workers comp fund)
    * Workers Compensation Self-Insurance Trust (WCSIT) (Covering half of Illinois’ school districts)
    * Workmen's Auto Insurance Company (Specializing in non-standard auto coverages)
    * XL Capital
    * XL Re
    * Yarmouth Mutual Fire Insurance Company (Mutual carrier in St. Thomas, Ontario)
    * Zenith National (Workers Comp in California and selected other states)
    * Zurich North America (North American operations of Zurich Insurance)
    -- Zurich Personal (Personal lines from the Zurich Group)
    -- Zurich US (There’s a Z in all of us )
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      Life and Health insurance

      * Acacia Life (Life and annuity products)
      * Academy Life (Specializing in active & retired military personnel)
      * Advance Insurance Company (BCBS subsidiary, writes in about 38 states)
      * Advocate Health Care (Chicago-based HMO)
      * AEGON (Home site for this large, international life and financial services company)
      * Aetna (Life, health, financial services, but no longer any property/casualty insurance)
      * AFLAC (American Family Life Assurance Company) (Supplemental insurance)
      * Aid Association for Lutherans
      * Alexander Hamilton Life (Now part of the Jefferson-Pilot group)
      * Allianz Life of North America (L & H division of this German goliath)
      * Allmerica Financial (Worcester, Mass-based L & H and P & C conglomerate)
      * Amalgamated Life ("America's Labor Insurance Company")
      * American Chambers Life Insurance Company (Coverage for Chambers of Commerce)
      * American Community Mutual Insurance Company (Medical & life plans)
      * American Fidelity Assurance (L & H)
      * American General Life & Accident (Life & health from American General Corporation)
      * American Heritage Life (One of the Allstate companies)
      * American Home Life (Topeka, KS life insurance company)
      * American Income Life Insurance Company (Supplemental insurance, Waco, TX)
      * American Industries Life Insurance Company (Houston, TX life company)
      * American Medical Security (HMO based in Green Bay, WI, operating in lots of states)
      * American National Insurance Company (Life company, in Galveston, Texas)
      * American Network Insurance Company (ANIC) (Part of the Penn Treaty American group)
      * American Republic Insurance Company (Des Moines-based life & health carrier)
      * American Savings Life Insurance Company (Youth & college life products)
      * American United Life (This Indianapolis-based carrier traces it's roots back to 1877)
      * Americo Life (Holding company for Great Southern Life, College Life, and Ohio State Life)
      * Ameritas Life Insurance (Formerly Bankers Life of Nebraska)
      * AmerUs Life (Life subsidiary of AmerUs Group)
      * ARAG Insurance Company (Group legal & other employee benefit plans)
      * Army & Air Force Mutual Aid Association (For both officers and enlisted personnel)
      * Assumption Life (Canadian mutual life insurance company)
      * Assurances générales des caisses Desjardins (French Canadian carrier)
      * Assurity Life (A wholly-owned subsidiary of Lincoln, Nebraska’s Woodmen Accident & Life)
      * Atlanta Life (Minority owned & operated since 1905)
      * Aurora Life (Life, tax deferred annuities, Santa Monica, CA)
      * Aviva (World’s 6th largest insurance group)
      * Baltimore Life (Since 1882, in Baltimore, MD)
      * Banker’s Fidelity Life (Part of Georgia’s Atlanta American Group)
      * Bankers Life & Casualty (Part of the Conseco group)
      * Bankers Life Insurance Co. (Part of St. Petersburg, FL Bankers Insurance Group)
      * Bankers Life of New York (NY mutual, affiliate of Indianapolis Life)
      * Bankers National Life (Part of the Conseco group)
      * Banner Life (subsidiary of Legal & General America group)
      * Baptist Life (Christian fraternal life association)
      * Beneficial Life (Salt Lake City, UT, since 1905)
      * Berkshire Life (Mutual life company, located in Massachusetts)
      * Best Life & Health Insurance Company (Irvine, CA health carrier)
      * Blue Care Network (Part of BCBS MI)
      Blue Cross Blue Shield (they get their own subsection)
      * WellPoint
      . *Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
      . *** Colorado
      . *** Connecticut
      . *** Indiana
      . *** Kentucky
      . *** Maine
      . *** Missouri
      . *** Nevada
      . *** New Hampshire
      . *** Ohio
      . *** Virginia
      . *** Wisconsin
      . *** Blue Cross of California
      . *** Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia
      . *** Empire Blue Cross (New York)
      . *** Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield (New York)
      * CareFirst
      . *** Delaware (Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Delaware)
      . *** District of Columbia
      . *** Maryland
      . *** Parts of Virginia
      * Health Care Service Corporation
      . *** Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois
      . *** Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico
      . *** Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma
      . *** Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas
      * Highmark
      .*** Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield (Western Pennsylvania)
      . *** Highmark Blue Shield (Eastern & Central Pennsylvania)
      . *** Mountain State Blue Cross and Blue Shield (West Virginia)
      . * Premera
      . *** Alaska (Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alaska)
      . *** Washington (Premera Blue Cross)
      * The Regence Group
      . *** Idaho (Regence BlueShield of Idaho)
      . *** Oregon (Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon)
      . *** Utah (Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Utah)
      . *** Washington (Regence BlueShield)
      . * Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield
      . *** Iowa
      . *** South Dakota
      * Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama
      * Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona
      * Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield
      * Blue Shield of California
      * Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida
      * Hawaii Medical Services Association
      * Blue Cross of Idaho
      * Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas
      * Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana
      * Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts
      * Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
      * Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota
      * Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi
      * Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City (Missouri)
      * Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana
      * Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska
      * Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey
      * Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield (New York)
      * Blue Shield of Northeastern New York
      * Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Western New York
      * Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina
      * Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Dakota
      * Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania
      * Capital Blue Cross (Central Pennsylvania)
      * Independence Blue Cross (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area)
      * Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island
      * Blue Cross and Blue Shield of South Carolina
      * Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee
      * Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont
      * Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming
      * La Cruz Azul de Puerto Rico (Blue Cross)
      * Triple-S (Blue Shield)
      * Atlantic Blue Cross (Covering the Canadian Atlantic provinces)
      * Pacific Blue Cross
      * Saskatchewan Blue Cross
      * Alberta Blue Cross
      * Manitoba Blue Cross
      * Croix Bleue du Québec(individual plans)
      * Medavie Blue Cross
      . *** New Brunswick
      . *** Nova Scotia
      . *** Newfoundland & Labrador
      . *** Prince Edward Island
      . *** Ontario
      . *** Quebec (group plans)
      * Boston Mutual Life ('Bigger Than Life', for over 100 years)
      * Business Men’s Assurance Company (Variable products & fixed annuities, a Generali subsidiary)
      * Canada Health Insurance (Provides information about Canadian health insurance, plans, and coverage)
      * Canada Life (Very large Canadian company, also writes in the US and other countries)
      * Catholic Family Life (Oldest Catholic fraternal benefit society)
      * Catholic Knights Insurance Society (Fraternal order, based in Milwaukee)
      * Catholic Life Insurance (Fraternal benefit society)
      * Catholic Order of Foresters (Fraternal benefit society)
      * CCN (Preferred provider managed health care system)
      * Celtic Life (Specializing in individual major medical coverage)
      * Central Reserve Life (Specializing in health insurance)
      * Central Security Life Insurance Company (One of the Maximum Corporation companies)
      * Central States Health & Life (Now national - except NY - and all L & H lines)
      * Central United Life (Houston, TX life company)
      * Champions Life Insurance Company (One of the Maximum Corporation companies)
      * (Life, Health, Disability Income, and Long Term Care Insurance)
      * Cherokee National Life (Specializing in products sold thru auto dealers)
      * CIGNA (Healthcare, employee benefits, financial products)
      * Clarica (Formerly The Mutual Group, before it de-mutualized)
      * College Life (One of the Americo companies)
      * Colonial Life & Accident (One of the Unum companies)
      * Colonial Life of Texas (Formerly Mortgage Bankers Life, writes mortgage protection coverage)
      * Colorado Bankers Life (Employee-funded voluntary benefit programs)
      * Columbian Mutual Life (Binghamton, NY, part of Columbian Financial Group)
      * Columbus Life (Site has FREE continuing education courses)
      * Commercial Travelers Mutual Insurance Company (America's oldest travel accident carrier)
      * Commercial Union Life ('Over 300 Years of Heritage & Integrity')
      * Conseco (Life & health insurance holding company, based in Carmel, Indiana)
      * Cotton States Insurance (Serving 10 southeastern states from their home office in Atlanta, GA)
      * Country Financial (L&H and P&C, formerly known as Country Companies)
      * Cova Life (One of the MetLife companies)
      * Coventry Healthcare (Managed care provider based in Bethesda, MD)
      * CPIC Life (Life insurance subsidiary of Blue Shield of California)
      * Delta Dental (Main site, with links to the various state Delta Dental plans)
      * Educators Mutual Life
      * Equitable Companies
      * Equitable Life & Casualty (Specializing in senior citizens)
      * Empire Life of Canada (Canadian life carrier)
      * Erie Insurance (P&C, life & Annuities, Erie, PA)
      * Family Heritage Life Insurance Company of America (Supplemental health & accident coverages)
      * Farmers & Traders Life (A mutual company)
      * Federated Life Insurance Company of Canada (Candadian life subsidiary of Fairfax Holdings)
      * FIC Group (Family Life and Investors Life)
      * First Colony Life (All states but NY, one of the GE Financial Assurance companies)
      * First Penn-Pacific Life (One of the Lincoln Financial Group companies)
      * First Variable Life Insurance Company (First to write variable life policies)
      * Forethought Life (Life insurance products offered through funeral homes)
      * Fort Dearborn Life (Life & group health company, Chicago, IL)
      * (Leads, resources for insurance agents)
      * Franklin Life (Life, annuities, financial products)
      * Frontier Healthcare (New health care provider, part of Rock Hill, NY's Frontier Insurance Group)
      * Garden State Life (Life products sold through direct marketing only)
      * GE Financial Assurance (Various insurers in the GE Financial Assurance family of companies)
      * General American Life (Mutual company in St. Louis, MO)
      * Genworth Financial
      * Gerling Insurance Companies (P&C, life, & credit insurance)
      * Gerber Life Insurance (Family coverages)
      * Gleaner Life Insurance Society (Fraternal order in Adrian, MI)
      * Globe Life & Accident Insurance Company (Oklahoma City subsidiary of Torchmark Corp.)
      * Golden American Life (Check status of variable annuities, 24 hours a day)
      * Golden Rule Insurance Company (Innovative products in health insurance)
      * Golden State Mutual Life (Los Angeles-based, operating in about a third of the U.S.)
      * Government Personnel Mutual Life (Also available to non-government people)
      * Great American Life Insurance Company (Life operation of Lindner's American Financial Group)
      * Great Southern Life (One of the Americo companies)
      * Great West Life & Annuity Company (U.S. subsidiary of Canada's Great West Life Assurance)
      * Great West Life Assurance (Large Canadian life company)
      * Great Western Insurance Company (Funeral pre-need insurance)
      * Greater Beneficial Union (Fraternal order located in Pittsburgh, PA)
      * Green Shield (Canadian health & dental carrier)
      * Guarantee Life (Business and personal life and health insurance, Omaha NE)
      * Guarantee Trust Life (All states but NY, from this Glenview, IL company)
      * Guardian Life (Mutual life insurance company, since 1860)
      * The Hartford Insurance Company
      * Horace Mann Insurance (Insurance America's Educational Community)
      * Humana (Well-designed site from this HMO giant)
      * Illinois Mutual Life (Life, disability and annuities, Peoria, IL)
      * Imperial Life Assurance Company of Canada (Life company in Toronto, ON)
      * Indianapolis Life (Indiana-based life insurance company)
      * Industrial - Alliance Pacific Life (Canadian life insurance company)
      * ING (Dutch insurance)
      * Investors Heritage Life Insurance Company
      * IOA Re (Workcomp carve-outs, medical stop loss, lots of esoteric stuff)
      * IOF Foresters (The Independent Order of Foresters is one of the oldest fraternal organizations)
      * Jackson National Life (Information, and the gateway to their secure Broker Zone)
      * Jefferson-Pilot Insurance Company (Greensboro, NC conglomerate)
      * John Hancock Mutual Life
      * Kaiser Permanente (Largest non-profit HMO)
      * Kanawha Insurance Company (Life & health products, Lancaster, SC)
      * Kansas City Life (Modern site from this 100+ year old company)
      * Keyport Life (Specializing in fixed, variable, and indexed annuities)
      * Lafayette Life (Lafayette, Indiana)
      * Laurier (Canadian life company)
      * Liberty National Life (Birmingham, Alabama, one of the Torchmark companies)
      * Life Investors Insurance Company (Life & annuity products part of AEGON)
      * Life Insurance Company of Georgia (Georgia’s oldest life carrier)
      * Lincoln Financial Group (Fort Wayne, Indiana life, health, & financial group)
      * Lincoln Mutual Life (Over 100 years old)
      * Lincoln National Life (One of the Lincoln Financial Group companies)
      * Lincoln National Reinsurance (Lincoln Re) (Life/health reinsurer)
      * Lincoln Security Life (One of the ReliaStar companies)
      * London Reinsurance Group (P&C, L&H reinsurance products; a subidiary of London Life)
      * Loyal Christian Benefit Association (Fraternal benefit society in Erie, PA)
      * Madison National Life (Madison, WI life carrier)
      * MAMSI (Mid-Atlantic Medical Services) (HMO, life & health insurance)
      * Manulife (Manufacturers Life) (Gateway to US, Canada, and worldwide Manulife sites)
      * Maritime Life (Life and investment products from Halifax, Nova Scotia)
      * Massachusetts Casualty (Disability insurance, all states, from this Sun Life of Canada company)
      * Mass Mutual
      * Medico Life (Part of Mutual Protective Life)
      * Mennonite Mutual Aid Society (For Anabaptist congregations)
      * Met Life (Life & health, property & casualty)
      * Midland National Life (Insuring the country, from Sioux Falls, South Dakota)
      * MII Life (Group life carrier, part of BCBS of Michigan)
      * Minnesota Mutual (All 50 states for life, disability and financial products, since 1880)
      * Mission Life Insurance Company (Specializing in senior citizens)
      * Modern Woodmen of America (A fraternal life insurance society)
      * Munich American Reassurance Company (Munich Re’s life/health reinsurance arm)
      * Mutual of America Life Insurance Company (Annuities, savings plans, pension plans)
      * Mutual of New York (MONY) (Nation's first mutual life insurance company)
      * Mutual of Omaha (Life & health, property & casualty insurance from the Wild Kingdom people)
      * Mutual Protective Life (Coverages for seniors, even before Medicare)
      * Mutual Trust Life (45 states, from Jorie, IL, first mutual company to write juvenile policies)
      * National Guardian Life (Madison, WI-based, operates in 39 states)
      * National Health Insurance Company (Annuities, L&H, based in Dallas, TX)
      * National Life Assurance Company of Canada (Large Canadian life company)
      * National Life of Vermont (Based in Montpelier, writing in all states)
      * National Western Life Insurance Company (Austin based life company)
      * Nationwide (P&C and L&H)
      * Nationwide Provident (Formerly Provident Mutual Life, before merger and de-mutualization.)
      * Neighborhood Health Plan (HMO in Massachusetts)
      * Neighbors of Woodcraft (Northwest's only fraternal life company)
      * New England Financial
      * New York Life
      * Nippon Life Insurance of America (American subsidiary of Osaka, Japan's Nippon Life)
      * North American Company for Life and Health (Protection-oriented life insurance products)
      * North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company (Since 1878)
      * North Coast Life (Life and annuity products, Spokane, WA)
      * Northern Life (Specialists in Tax Sheltered Annuities)
      * Northwestern Mutual Life
      * Northwestern National Life (Now ReliaStar Insurance Company)
      * ODS Health Plans (Oregon health care provider)
      * Ohio National Life (Life & disability from this Cincinnati financial services company)
      * Ohio State Life (Whole & universal life, annuities from this Americo subsidiary)
      * Old American Insurance Company (Subsidiary of Kansas City Life)
      * Old Republic Insurance Group (Chicago-based group of P&C and L&H companies)
      * Old United Insurance Companies (Specialized P&C & L&H company)
      * Order of the Sons of Hermann in Texas (Fraternal order)
      * Oxford Health Plans (HMO in NJ, NY, CT)
      * PacifiCare (One of the leading managed health care companies)
      * Pacific Guardian (Hawaii's largest life and health insurance company)
      * Pacific Life (A Pacific Mutual company)
      * Pan-American Life (American, with many South American offices)
      * Pekin Insurance (Midwest company, L&H and P&C)
      * Penn Mutual Life ("A Better Way of Life")
      * Penn Treaty American (Specializing in long-term care)
      * PennCorp Canada (Canadian subsidiary of Pennsylvania Life)
      * PersonalCare (HMO in Champaign, IL)
      * Pharmacists Life Insurance Company (Part of the Pharmacists Mutual group)
      * The Philanthropic Insurance Companies (Life, some P&C, in PA and DE)
      * Phoenix Home Mutual Life (9th largest mutual life company)
      * Presidential Life
      * Principal Financial Group (Des Moines, Iowa life, health and financial services)
      * Promutuel (French Canadian carrier, site is in French only)
      * Protective Life (Life holding company, with many life company subsidiaries)
      * The Provident (This 'Provident' is from Norristown, PA, goes back to 1889)
      * Provident Life (Chattanooga, TN)
      * Prudential Finantial (P&C and L&H from 'The Rock')
      * Prudential plc (Not to be confused with Prudential Financial. UK based international retail financial services group)
      * Pyramid Life (Specializing in senior citizens)
      * RBC Insurance (U.S. Life Insurance Operations of Royal Bank of Canada; Liberty Life Insurance Company)
      * ReliaStar Insurance (Formerly Northwestern National, this is the Minneapolis-based conglomerate)
      * Republic Standard Life Insurance (Subsidiary of Delphi Financial)
      * Royal & Sun Alliance (Canada) (P & C, Life and Investments)
      * Royal Maccabees Life (Part of Royal & SunAlliance Financial Services)
      * Safeco (Seattle's very large national P&C and Life carrier)
      * Samsung Life Insurance Co Ltd (Also has Samsung Air-China Life Ins.)
      * Savings Bank Life Insurance of Massachusetts ('The No-Nonsense Life Company', in MA, NH, RI & ME)
      * SBLI USA Mutual Life (Life insurance in NY state only)
      * Security-Connecticut Life (One of the ReliaStar companies)
      * Security Financial Life (Life, financial products, formerly Security Mutual Life)
      * Security First Group (Annuities & more, from this MetLife company)
      * Sentry Insurance (P&C and L&H, Stevens Point, WI)
      * Settlers Life Insurance Company (Part of National Guardian Life)
      * Shenandoah Life (Spreading westward from Roanoke, now in all of the south and most of the east)
      * Sierra Health (Large, diversified health care company, based in Las Vegas)
      * Sons of Norway (Fraternal benefit society, in Minneapolis, MN)
      * Southland Life (A member of the Dutch ING banking & insurance holdings company)
      * Southwestern Life (Since 1903, based in Dallas)
      * Starmount Life (Specializing in large, accidental death policies)
      * State Farm Insurance
      * Sun Life (Canada's major life insurance company)
      * SunAmerica (Specializing in fixed and variable annuities)
      * Sunset Life (Life & Annuities, a subsidiary of Kansas City Life)
      * Teachers Life (Insuring Ontario's teachers)
      * Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Companies (Personal lines, farm, L&H)
      * TIAA-CREF (Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association, for employees of educational organizations)
      * Transamerica ( one of the Aegon companies)
      * Trigon (Large HMO in Virginia)
      * Trustmark Insurance (Mutual company providing health insurance in all 50 states)
      * Union Central Life Insurance Company (Large mutual carrier in Cincinnati)
      * Union Labor Life Insurance Company (Flagship company of the ULLICO Group)
      * Uniprise (United Healthcare sister company part of UnitedHealth Group)
      * United American Insurance Company (Specializing in health coverage for seniors)
      * United Healthcare (Controlling medical costs for over 20 years part of UnitedHealth Group)
      * United Heritage Mutual Life (Serving 22 western states, from Nampa, Idaho)
      * United Investors Life (Birmingham, AL subsidiary of Torchmark)
      * United Security Assurance (Long term care & home health care)
      * United Teachers Associates Insurance Company (Writing health insurance nationally)
      * Unity Mutual Life (Syracuse, NY)
      * Universal Care (HMO in Southern California)
      * University Health Alliance (Health insurance provider in Hawaii)
      * UNUM (This Portland, Maine company is a world powerhouse)
      * USAA (Major carrier, L&C and P&C, based in San Antonio, TX)
      * USA Managed Care Organization (MCO) (Large HMO)
      * Valley Preferred (PPO in Lehigh Valley, PA)
      * Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company (Personal, commercial, life, Wawanesa, Manitoba)
      * Wellpoint Health Networks (Holding company for many managed health care companies)
      * Western American Life Insurance Company (One of the Maximum Corporation companies)
      * Western Life (Toronto, ON carrier, writes in all provinces)
      * Western National Life (Specializing in retirement annuities)
      * Western Reserve Life Assurance of Ohio (Part of AEGON/Transamerica)
      * Western Southern Life
      * William Penn Life (One of the companies of the Legal & General America group)
      * Wisconsin Physicians Service Insurance Corporation (One of Wisconsin’s largest health providers)
      * Woodmen Accident & Life Company (Business & personal insurance, Lincoln, NE)
      * Woodmen of the World (Fraternal life insurance organization)
      * WSA Fraternal Life (Thornton, CO fraternal life company)
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        If it’s already listed above like AIG or ING or Genworth Financial, I’m not listing it again.

        * Babson Capital Management
        * Chase Manhattan Bank
        * CitiGroup
        * Conning & Co
        * Deutsche Bank
        * Diversified Investment Advisors Inc
        * Egg (Part of UK based Prudential Group)
        * Fidelity Investments
        * Goldman Sachs & Co
        * HSBC
        * JP Morgan Securities
        * Mercer Investment Consulting
        * Merrill Lynch
        * M&G (Part of UK based Prudential plc group)
        * Moody’s Investors Service
        * Morgan Stanley & Co
        * National City Corporation
        * Prime Advisors Inc.
        * Russell Investment Group
        * Salomon Smith Barney Inc
        * SEI Investments
        * Standard and Poor’s
        * TD Ameritrade
        * Wachovia Securities
        * Wellington Management Co LLP
        * White Mountains Advisors (investment management with $32 billion of assets under management)
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          P&C/Life/Health/M&A/Pension consulting
          A bunch of companies do different kinds of consulting so no point separating them. There are also a lot of consulting firms I have never heard of.

          * Aon
          * Buck Consultants (actuarial consulting part of ACS)
          * CCA Strategies
          * Conrad Siegel Actuaries
          * Coulter & Associates
          * Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (Big 4 accounting firm)
          * Ernst & Young (Big 4 accounting firm)
          * EWI Risk Solutions
          * Gabriel Roeder Smith & Company
          * Hewitt
          * KPMG (Big 4 accounting firm)
          * Marsh (Marsh and McLennan company)
          * Mercer Human Resources (Marsh and McLennan company)
          * Mercer Investment (Marsh and McLennan company)
          * Mercer Oliver Wyman (Marsh and McLennan company)
          * Milliman (These kind of work as a franchise)
          * PricewaterhouseCoopers (Big 4 accounting firm)
          * Reden & Anders (Health consulting arm of United Health Group)
          * Segal/Sibson company (might be two different companies that operate together)
          * Tillinghast (Towers Perrin risk financing and self-insurance group)
          * Towers Perrin [merged with Watson Wyatt]
          * Watson Wyatt [merged with Towers Perrin]
          * Valani Consulting (IT consulting)
          * Wakely Consulting Group (Health focus)
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            * Acordia --> acquired by Wells Fargo
            * Aon [link is located in the consultants secton]
            * Alexander Forbes [based in South Africa; primarily Africa and Europe]
            * Arthur J. Gallagher
            * Benfield
            * BMS Group
            * Brown & Brown
            * Cooper Gay
            * Heath Lambert
            * Hilb, Rogal & Hamilton
            * HLF Group
            * Jardine Lloyd Thompson
            * Marsh & McLennan
            * Willis Group
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              Recruiting Services

              * Actuarial Careers, Inc.®
              * Andover Research, Ltd.
              * CPS, Inc.
              * Darwin Rhodes Group (many international opportunities)
              * D.W. Simpson & Co, Inc. (Creator of the often referenced salary survey)
              * HCI (Executive Search Corporation)
              * The Jacobson Group (Actuarial Talent-Driven Results)
              * Mid America Search
              * Pinnacle Group
              * Pryor Associates (An Actuary Placing Actuaries)
              * Rollins Search Group, Inc.
              * S.C. International, Ltd. (Having the right contacts)
              * S.K. Associates
              * Stewart Search Actuarial Recruitment
              * The Birch Corporation
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                Actuarial Software Development

                * Actuarial Resources Corporation (ARCVal, HealthVAL, STAR, UltraVAL, CARVM)
                * AdminServer (Various Administrative)
                * BLAZE SSI Corp.(Various Pension)
                * Connecture (Various Health)
                * COSS Development Corp. (COSS, They have a sweet logo with an infinity sign making up the CO)
                * DFA Capital Management (ADVISETM)
                * EMB America LLC(Igloo Professional, ResQ, EMBLEM, PrisEMB)
                * GGYAXIS Inc.(AXIS)
                * Hause Actuarial solutions (WATERR)
                * Integrated Actuarial Services (Total Solution, RAAPID)
                * Insureware (ELRF-Extended Link ration Family)
                * Lewis&Ellis, Inc. (LEAPPS)
                * Lynchval (LVval)
                * Mathematical Finance Company (MFC Economic Scenario Generator)
                * Milliman (MG Triton and ALFA)
                * Palisade Corporation (@RISK)
                * PensionSoft Corporation (DB Precision)
                * PolySystems, Inc. (Asset Delphi, Horizon, FAS reporting systems)
                * Quasar Systems, Inc. (R^2 Reinsurance Resolution)
                * SS&C Technologies (PTS, Finesse)
                * SunGard (Part of Actuarial Resources Corp., iWORKS Prophet)
                * TAG (admin stuff)
                * TAI (TAI Life Reinsurance System)
                * Towers Perrin (MoSes, TAS, RPIL)
                * Winklevoss Technologies (ProVal)
                * WySTAR Global Retirement Solutions (DBVAL, DCVAL, OPEVS)

                I think big companies hire an actuary or two to manage their pensions and car companies have actuaries to help with ways customers can finance car purchases.

                * A.M. Best (insurance rating industry)
                * ACTEX Publications
                * Actuarial Association of Finland
                * Actuarial Association of Norway
                * Actuarial Society of India
                * Actuarial Society of Malaysia
                * Actuarial Society of South Africa
                * American Academy of Actuaries
                * American Society of Pension Actuaries
                * Canadien Institute of Actuaries
                * Casualty Actuarial Society
                * Coca Cola
                * Conference of Consulting Actuaries
                * Contingencies (Sweet magazine brought to you by American Academy of Actuaries)
                * Deutsche Aktuarvereinigung e.V. (DAV)
                * Dutch Actuarial Association
                * Ford Motor Company
                * French Institute of Actuaries
                * General Motors Company
                * Hungarian Actuarial Association
                * Institute of Actuaries of Australia
                * Institute of Actuaries of Japan
                * Institute of Actuaries / The Faculty of Actuaries (UK)
                * Instituto de Actuarios Españoles
                * Insurance Services Office Inc
                * International Actuarial Association (IAA)
                * International Association of Black Actuaries (IABA)
                * International Association of Consulting Actuaries (IACA)
                * International Congress of Actuaries
                * Israel Association of Actuaries
                * James Hoyer Attorneys at Law (Private Mortgage Insurance consultant)
                * Japanese Society of Certified Pension Actuaries
                * Joint Board for the Enrollment of Actuaries
                * Muhanna Foundation
                * National Association of Insurance Commissioners
                * National Council on Compensation Ins Inc
                * New England Actuarial Seminars (Taught by Batten, Mahler, and Feldblum)
                * Pepsi Co.
                * Reinsurance Association of America
                * Society of Actuaries
                * Society of Actuaries in Ireland
                * Swedish Actuarial Society
                * Swiss Actuarial Association
                * Ukrainian Actuarial Society
                * Various Government jobs
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                  Reserved .
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                    I know I missed a lot. Suggestions welcome. If you want me to change or add a note on a company, I can do that too.
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                      Ken, you could have just pasted the link and let everyone else dig it out from there. (Besides, doesn't that have links to all of the companies?)

                      * Kemper (Large national carrier, based in Long Grove, IL)
                      Scratch this one off everyone's list - they're in runoff and have been since about mid-2003.
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                        I found the list on a .doc that was burning a hole in my computer. I have many sources since it took me a lot of effort to find a job and I don't remember which companies are from where anymore. National Council on Compensation Insurance and A.M. Best are probably the best sources to find insurance companies. National Association of Insurance Companies should have a very large list, but I don't know how to get my hands on it.
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                          Originally posted by Ken
                          I know I missed a lot. Suggestions welcome. If you want me to change or add a note on a company, I can do that too.

                          This is excellent already.

                          Truly thank you.


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                            How can I find out which company have a branch office in Toronto, Canada?


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                              I know this is an post from some times ago, but still
                              THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE POSTING!
                              THAT IS VERY USEFUL!