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Giving a presentation at an interview

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  • Giving a presentation at an interview


    I will be attending an assessment centre in a week's time at a small firm in the UK which will include a presentation component. Given the size of the company, there is limited information on the internet about the experiences of other candidates (well, none actually). I am trying to find out who I will be presenting to to give me some hints, but I am not optimistic that I will have much to work with.

    My problem really is that they have told me to prepare a presentation on "literally anything". My dilemma is whether or not to go for something relevant to the position. On the one hand, it would allow me to showcase my knowledge of the industry if I chose an actuarial topic, but on the flip side I would be "preaching to the choir" as they say - telling actuaries stuff they are likely to already know in detail - and I am concerned that this will have the disadvantage of boring them.

    Given that they have given me complete freedom on the topic, I would guess that they are really out to assess my communication skills, and so I am leaning towards topics where I can hopefully tell them some things they don't already know in the hope of being more interesting.

    Does anybody have any advice? What would make you groan if you were getting a presentation from a prospective candidate, and what would be a pleasant surprise?

    Thanks for any input.