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Taking Exams AFTER graduating college?

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  • Taking Exams AFTER graduating college?

    Hey guys I have a few questions:
    1) I was just wondering if it would be ok if right after I graduated university to strictly start studying for the exams?
    2)Would this look bad for a job or to a potential employer?/Would it be weird to have a gap of 6 months-1 year between graduating and my first actuarial job?
    3)How hard is it to get an actuarial job with no actuarial internships? (I currently intern at a local insurance business, not at all actuarial related though)

    I ask this because I am going to graduate university in May and have not been able to set aside a decent amount of study time to take the exams before graduating. The reason being that I was working hard to graduate in 3 years instead of 4 with my applied math degree, so I was not able to fit the study time for the exams in my schedule. Since I am graduating a year early, my plan is to pass 2-3 exams after graduating then apply for an entry-level position after I have them passed. So the year I saved off of graduation can go towards studying for the exams.
    If its not a good idea then I will try and at least pass 1 exam before graduation in may.

    Thanks, any opinions will be appreciated.