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Job Outlook in California For Entry Level Actuaries

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  • Job Outlook in California For Entry Level Actuaries

    The question is threefold.

    (1) I wanted to get a sense of how competitive (i.e. difficulty of obtaining an Actuary job) the market is currently, particularly in SoCal. I am not interested in residing in the NE again.

    (2) As touched in #1, are there a fair amount of actuary opportunities in SoCal (to get really specific, Orange County)?

    (3) How many exams would I need to pass to considers myself a viable candidate? Still the first two, or does everyone have that on their CV nowadays?

    Bio: 42 y/o with a B.A. in Stats from Berkeley. GPA = 3.03. Spent past 10 years playing poker professionally. I realize this can seriously hinder my chances, however I can "talk up" professional poker in an interview. Poker is a highly data driven, analytical game (not unlike advanced chess). So I'm hoping to turn a negative into a positive. I was a s/w engineer briefly before getting into poker. Both require logic but poker at the highest levels requires a sharper mind imho.

    Additionally, I have very solid interviewing skills. I don't get nervous, and I have an extremely extroverted, tactful demeanor. I have a very high success rate of getting job offers if I can make it to the interview. But I don't always get to the interview stage. That's the bigger hurdle in my experience (in general, not for actuary jobs, as I've never applied for an actuary job--no exams under my belt yet).

    Thanks in advanced.