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Geoscientist thinking to become Actuary

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  • Geoscientist thinking to become Actuary

    Hey all,

    I was laid off 6 months ago working in the oil industry as a geologist. I'm having issues finding a new career in the geosciences and was thinking of branching off into a new field. I have a Master's degree in Geophysics and a Bachelor's in Mathematics and Geology.

    I was looking into taking the first couple of actuary exams so that I can try to get a job as an actuary; however, before I start investing a lot of time into that, I want to make sure it's the right path for me. Currently I'm residing in Denver, Colorado and would like to stay there.

    My question to those of you practicing is: Is this viable career path for me to take given that I want to stay in Colorado? Also, am I at a disadvantage with my educational background?