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Actuarial - Health and benefits consulting/ life/ life re

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  • Actuarial - Health and benefits consulting/ life/ life re

    Hello, I am in CANADA. Soon I will start my actuarial career so I just have some questions about the following fields.

    - Health and benefits consulting
    - life insurance
    - life reinsurance

    I know there are many posts for similar inquiries. However I can hardly find one that focuses on the comparison of three fields that I mentioned above, and most of the posts are from some time ago already.

    Here are my questions:

    1. How's the outlook of each field (I would greatly appreciate it if you can also elaborate more on the reasons)? Also would you please provide me with the rank?
    2. I know that many life insurance carriers, especially the ones with a large scale, do sell group health insurance as well. Would it be possible for health actuaries who work in consulting to make a switch to insurance company of this kind? If so, how's the chance?
    3. As life insurance and life reinsurance are highly related, it seems to me that many skills that one develops in either field can also be applied to the other one, for example GGY Axis. I just wonder if it would be easy for someone work work in one of the two fields to make a switch to the other one.

    Since I will be writing FSA exams soon I would like to confirm which I field I want to pursue my career in because that is going to have a huge impact on which FSA track I would go for. I know some people do choose a track which is not the focus of their work. However I prefer to go for the one that I specialize in.

    Thanks for answering my questions patiently! If you have other advices please also feel free to comment below.