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A good resume

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  • A good resume

    I just passed Exam P, and plan to send my resume to some companies. Can someone give me clue, what is the good resume to catch the recruiter's eye and land a entery level or internship position?

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    Whatever style you choose, be sure your grammar and spelling are PERFECT.

    Also, be sure to include a brief "Highlight of Qualifications" section at the top of your resume.


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      My advice would be to look at the job description and qualifications of the specific job as you find it, and then build your resume around that. If you find that a job requires you to spend most of your day doing excel or a programming language, you should make sure that your skills relevant to this are made apparent. Some seemingly similar jobs may focus on different things. Your best chances are to tailor your resume to the job


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        Some pointers:

        * As Trojan_Horse pointed out, you MUST have perfect spelling and grammar.
        * Put the most important things first (probably exams followed by education followed by work experience). Don't make the reader hunt for important info.
        * Be consistent in chronology. Put the most recent education/work first within each section.
        * Don't use present-tense when what you've done is in the past. Don't mix present and past tense within a subsection.
        * Customize your cover letters. Don't send "To Whom It May Concern" except as a last resort. Make sure you don't mention another company in the cover letter! If you're applying to ABC company, it's a bad idea to say how much you want to work at XYZ.
        * Don't blast-email your resume. Seeing dozens of addresses in the "to" field is a big turn-off.
        * Send your resume as a Word document, PDF or RTF document.
        * Don't use fonts other than Times New Roman or Arial. Some fonts are pretty but don't assume that the recipient has the same fonts installed.
        * Don't use the word "I" when describing what you did. We know the resume is about you.
        * Don't trust the spelling checker in your word processor. Have somebody proofread your resume and cover letter for you.


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          Thanks a lot!

          Thanks for all valuable advice.