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  • Questions to ask at an interview

    I have my first interview for an entry level job next week and I'm wondering what are some questions you asked your employer during your interviews?

    Some background on this position, its a combined HR (phone interview type) and an interview with one actuary from the company. They decided to do the interview this way to forego the phone interview because I live relatively close to the company and they are looking to fill the position asap. The position has been posted for only a few days and I received a phone call back from the HR department about 2 hours after I sent in my resume and cover letter, the return phone call was to clear to make sure I can validate my degrees etc and to set up an offical interview.

    The company is relatively small and there is no agenda to the interview, she emailed me directions and said I would be reimbursed for travel expenses.

    This isn't my first actuarial interview I have had several for internships prior to even attempting an exam when I was in college. I feel my interviews went very well, I got turned down from 2 of 4 of them because they were looking to hire someone who was graduating in may rather than a year later, one turned me down because they didn't have an intern position available even though my school actuary club said they did and the 4th I got called back to the campass for an all day interview. These interviews I feel didn't go so well I was very under prepared which is why I'm asking for advice now. That internship went to a canidate with 2 exams already passed, I was the only one of the five who didn't have an exam passed yet.

    My plan was to bring a binder with several more resumes for actuaries that might come in during the interview, along with a pad to take notes and collect business cards. Any other advice would really help out.


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    What are the top priorities for this job?

    What could I do in the first six months on the job that would make you say I was successful?

    How could working here on this job best improve the company's profits?
    I thought this WAS a real job