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Actuaries - where do they work?

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  • Actuaries - where do they work?

    Ok, from a lot of what I've been seeing with job postings, most companies seem to have all or almost all of their open actuarial positions at their corporate headquarters.

    Is it usual that a company will only have actuaries at their headquarters, or is it more common to train their new employees there and then ship them off elsewhere as necessary? Or is there some other reason I've made this observation?

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    Insurance companies have a tendency to have their actuaries at the head office. There are exceptions. With some of the very large insurance companies since they own so many subsidiaries, those actuaries can are typicaly located at the subsidiaries...that is until they might start consolidating to a central location. Some casualty companies have actuaries in regional offices to support those offices for marketing and pricing purposes. National actuarial consulting firms have their actuaries in most of their regional offices.