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  • Government Jobs

    How are state/government actuarial jobs viewed? Would taking an entry-level job with the state make it more difficult to work for a more prestigious firm down the line?

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    Government positions can be looked upon as either a plus or a minus depending on ones point of view. It would be easier to move from let's say a consulting position to an insurance company. Typically insurance companies use consulting firms to do some work for them. So, if they can hire someone from the consulting environment they typically think they are getting someone who has a lot of exposure to the industry.

    From one point of view, the same could be said of insurance companies hiring someone out of government. Typically an actuary at a government body is doing reviews or setting policies. However, that is much more narrow in scope. Sometimes people at governmental bodies might also be type cast with the typical (right or wrong) stereotype of being a governmental worker. Governments aren't know (rightly or wrongly) for being too cutting edge.

    Personally, I think there could be many advantages to an insurance company hiring a person from government who has seen the work of many, many insurance companies and has had to review it. What an advantage that would be for an insurance company to hire someone like that. However, depending on the insurance company, you could be typecasted or you could be a godsend. It all depends on their point of view. So my feeling is, it could go either way.


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      Could anybody else give an opinion?