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actuarial jobs in UK/Europe

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  • actuarial jobs in UK/Europe

    I am considering moving to UK/Europe in 1-2 years and I need plenty of tips how to best prepare myself for such a move. I have a B.A. in Economics and Computer Science and M.S. in Actuarial Science. I have been working in the health care industry (in the US) for the last 27 months. I have completed 3 SOA exams and am sitting for Exam 4 this fall. Although in the beginning I did some traditional actuarial work (rating and pricing), my main responsibilities for the last 2 years have been somewhat unconventional – disease management evaluations. I will be rotating soon to another unit and most probably will be doing pricing or reserving. I regularly use SAS and VBA and plan to get SAS certified soon. What are employers in Europe looking for? How do I improve my chances of getting a good job in a couple of years? How do I go about applying for jobs in UK/Europe - are headhunters my best option, and if so which ones? Is it possible to get a job in Europe without speaking the local language - I have heard that some people got jobs speaking only English and learned the local language once they moved there. Also, I might need a work visa (I am originally from Romania – should be getting EU citizenship in 2007 or 2008, but somehow I doubt that this timeline will really happen). Is it hard to get one?
    I would appreciate any tips, or advice. Thanks.