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Employment Prospects for Recent Grad. & 1 Exam

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  • Employment Prospects for Recent Grad. & 1 Exam

    It seems pretty optimistic from the results I've found in this forum by searching and from what my school's actuarial adviser has told me.. I'm in a pretty normal situation BS in Math (3.8) and, probably, 1 exam at my graduation in August.

    My question is, how can entry-level employment prospects (with only one exam) be any good at all? I'm looking at the number of exams (P/1) passed during each offering on which appears to regularly be in the 1000-2000 range.. I can't imagine there are nearly enough jobs available for all of those persons with passing grades (Edit: and that are immediately interested in employment) to find openings... Are my prospects of finding a job as great as I've been led to believe?

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    a lot more people have 1 exam than 2 or 3. still, if you have one exam, a high GPA (which you do), and (preferably) an internship, then i think you should be able to find a job.
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      Well I got a job at a big consulting firm with absolutely zero actuarial experience and no exams passed. I have since passed my first and taking my second soon but I still have no clue what I'll be doing as a pension actuary. I was not an Actuarial Science major (Econ) and had very little finance as well. I was in a similar situation to you in that I had a very high GPA from a top university so it wasn't hard for them to believe that I would be able to pass exams fairly easily. Companies hire people, not resumes so as long as you can ''' them in an interview, it won't be hard to get a job.