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  • important question

    hey guys,
    I have passed 1 exam and planning to sit for the second in august. I was just wondering that how hard is the actuarial market these days and if the new healthcare law would create more jobs for actuaries or decrease?
    Thanks for any input.

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    The more exams you pass the better your chance to get a job. I have an actuary club at my university and several companies have come. I asked one of the managers, "how can people at my school compete for jobs with the actuaries coming out of powerhouses like Illinois, Wisconsin, Drake, etc".

    Here's what he said, "Don't overdo it. I've had people come to me for jobs who have had their ASA coming out of college, I didnt hire them. There is no need for me to hire someone who is going to be doing the same tasks as someone with 1 or 2 exams but be forced to pay them more"

    So, if you pass one or two exams, you greatly increase your chances to get a job, and remember, passing exams isnt easy, if that were the case, everyone would be an actuary. They want people who will be able to learn on the job and pass exams while they have a job. Try to get decent grades in college at least a 3.0, but even then people have told me exam passing has a greater weight than gpa. Alot of these tough as nails managers dont want people who they feel are not going to get through exams. That is the key right there. Good luck man.


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      thank you, Do you have any tips for studying for exam FM/2 since I have no background in finance.