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  • Hey Everyone

    Hey anyone on here from the ''''''and area. I recently started preparing for my first exam and plan on taking it in July. I looked at the sample problems from the actuary website and it looks tough but doable. If theres any advice you got on preparing for the first exam I'm here to take it. I've taken calc 1, 2, 3, linear algebra, differential equations, and a course in discrete math so far. I havnt taken any of my statistics courses yet but I plan on taking them in the near future. Also I was just curious if people thought that Exam 1 or 2 was more difficult. Thanks

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    Hey there!

    I'm new, and I haven't even registered for Exam P yet, so I don't have any advice right now.

    There was a thread (I believe in the General Discussion forum) that asked which exam was harder, P or FM (I think it was a poll). I think most people said that FM was easier, but that it really depends upon who you are (some people found P easier).

    Anyhow, welcome! There's tons of information in these forums - the authors of two popular study manuals regularly post there own exam-type questions here every week. By the way, the most popular study manuals for exam P seem to be Actex and ASM. Look around the forum to see what I'm talking about :wink:


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      Yea I first viewed this forum about a month ago and have been reading through it several times a week since. I finally decided it was time to register on here. And I found the poll section =) I just wanna knock these first two out of the way within the next year so we will see how it goes. Good luck and thanks


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        New commer

        Hello Everyone,

        I am nitz and a SAS (Stats and programming tool) , a programmer since 5 years of my career. I have worked in Pharma Business ,Health Care Insurance and Investment bank. Keen interest in maths. Becoming an actuary is been in my mind since long but did not do much yet. I have finally decided to go step by step and write the P1 level asap thus.Since the deadline is gone for July, I am planning for Sept registration.

        Would require help from this group for sure.