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Hello from New Jersey

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  • Hello from New Jersey

    Hi everyone, my name is Kristi and I'm a new member of the board. Like a lot of you, I'm hoping to make a change in careers. In college I wanted to be an actuary, but got derailed and never got around to taking the exams, even though I got my degree in math / stats. 15 years later I'm still kicking myself, so I'm giving it another shot. Wish me luck!

    I just ordered the materials for Exam P and plan to sit for it in November. However, I saw another post that suggested taking FM first (in November) and then taking P in February. That way I could sit for the third in May 09instead of November 09, effectively advancing my exam cycle by six months. Does anyone have any thoughts or advice on this approach? Of course I am anxious to get through the exams as quickly as possible, but I realize I will need time to study and it's more important to pass than to pass quickly. TIA.